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Our Governing Board

SEAR NCD Alliance is an Alliance of Alliances. The SEAR NCD Alliance is comprised of country-level alliances from SEAR region countries who are members of the NCD Alliance.
The SEAR NCD Alliance’s work is guided by a ten-member Governing Board (GB) and its day to day activities are led by the Chairperson of the SEAR NCD Alliance under the guidance of the GB. The GB provides guidance for developing a strategic action plan and meets periodically to take necessary decisions, through virtual/in-person meetings. The GB includes:

1. Dr. Shamim Talukder, Bangladesh Non-Communicable Diseases Forum (NCD-F)
2. Prof Sohel Choudhury, Bangladesh Network for NCD Control and Prevention
3. Dr. Monika Arora, Healthy India Alliance (India NCD Alliance)
4. Dr. Nanda Fauziyana, NCDA Indonesia
5. Mr. Kenneth Low, NCD Malaysia
6. Ms. Aishath Shiruhana, Maldives NCD Alliance
7. Dr.Tin Maung Htwe, Myanmar NCD Alliance
8. Prof. Dr. Abhinav Vaidya, Nepal NCD Alliance
9. Dr Mahen Wijesuriya, NCDA Lanka
10. Prof Sombat Muengtaweepongsa, Thai NCD Alliance
Healthy India Alliance-HIA (India NCD Alliance) serves to be the Secretariat of the SEAR
NCD Alliance (2020-2022).

Secretariat of the SEAR NCD Alliance

HIA functions as the Secretariat of the SEAR NCD Alliance and is responsible for day-to-day coordination and management of Alliance activities in consultation of the Governing Board, communication between members, consolidation of resources, and engagement of external stakeholders.
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The Secretariat can be contacted through:

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